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Travel Done Differently

Kinkara is a proud member of the Cayuga Collection, a group of award-winning, independently-owned sustainable luxury hotels and lodges tucked away in the most incredible corners of Latin America.
Properties of the Cayuga Collection are sustainable hospitality pioneers. We work hard to break new ground in eco-lux travel, enriching the lives of our curious travelers all while protecting and preserving the communities and ecosystems in which we operate.
Explore the cayuca at kinkara, santa elena, san jose

Discover Travel, The Cayuga Way

At the Cayuga Collection, our mission is to nurture the ultimate symbiosis of sustainability and luxury. We believe that high-end travel doesn't have to cost the earth and that authentic experiences with a sustainable focus have the power to turn vacations into truly transformative journeys. We call it the Cayuga Way.
sky view of kinkara santa elena, san jose

Earth Changers, Eco Innovators

"The Cayuga Collection represents so many of the values that National Geographic holds close. Their properties are a shining example of how sustainability can be achieved with elegance and authenticity." - Lynn Cutter, Executive Vice President, National Geographic Travel
Meet The Collection at Kinkara Santa Elena, San Jose

Meet The Collection

Our sister Cayuga Collection properties are dotted along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, forming a trail from the Osa Peninsula in the South to Guanacaste in the North - by way of the famous Monteverde cloud forests and the capital city. Further afield, our sister properties include private islands in Panama and Nicaragua.