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Farm To Everywhere

At Kinkara Luxury Retreat, our approach to farming blends ancient wisdom with modern techniques. With organic farm-to-table dining at the heart of what we do, the vast majority of foods we serve are grown right on the property and harvested directly from our Mandala Garden and ever-expanding Food Forest. However, our farm's reach doesn't stop at the table. Fresh organic ingredients are also incorporated into our spa treatments and the small surprises our guests experience during their stay.
Edible Landscape at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose

Edible Landscape

With a cornucopia of vibrant plant foods growing adjacent to where guests eat, sleep, play and meet, the Kinkara Luxury Retreat experience is largely an edible one. At the heart of the retreat, our iconic Mandala Garden comprises over 100 beds of vegetables plus a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, serving as a permaculture classroom and a playground for the culinary-curious.
food forest and vegetable garden at kinkara santa elena

Food Forest

Encompassing some 10,000 fruit trees and acres upon acres of vegetable gardens, our ever-growing Food Forest is a leading example of regenerative agriculture in the world today. Developed to recreate the bio-architecture and symbiotic relationships present in a native forest, our vast food-bearing landscape showcases the wisdom of nature's design at its best.
Permaculture at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose


Permaculture is a guiding principle at Kinkara Luxury Retreat. From our agriculture to our architecture, we've learnt from nature's complex systems and used her wisdom to develop ways to sustain our operations and our environment.
diversity makes varied dining experience at kinkara


For the wider Kinkara Luxury Retreat property, our goal is to become the most biodiverse source of food grown in one location in the world. Diversity in our diet is a key contributor to a healthy gut microbiome which in turn directly impacts our physical and mental health. Not to mention, diversity makes for a tasty and varied dining experience too.