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Rest, Relax and Restore

At Kinkara Luxury Retreat we draw on nature's ancient wisdom to help all who visit reconnect and relax. A natural sanctuary for aligning the body, mind and spirit, wellness in its many forms sits at the heart of what we do. From our purposefully designed spaces to our immersive experiences crafted to promote a deep sense of restoration, you'll discover that the new path is truly an ancient one. 
Yoga at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose


Develop your practice at El Morén, our airy pavilion at the heart of the Mandala Garden whose name means "well-being" in native Borucan. We invite you to use this movement temple to go deeper into your postures and self, or to instead find a private studio within the vast natural landscape of Kinkara Luxury Retreat.
Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose Meditation


Peaceful spaces ideal for introspection abound at Kinkara Luxury Retreat. Wade out to our Meditation Rock, sitting directly opposite our waterfall for an atmosphere of calm and restoration. Find tranquillity in a hammock beside the soothing waters of Kinkara Luxury Retreat Creek. Get lost in a trance as you cozy up by the fire. On our sacred grounds you'll find the time to reflect and reconnect.
Temazcala at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose

Temazcal-Inspired Sweat Ceremony

Gather shoulder-to-shoulder around the hot volcanic rocks of our sweat lodge for a curative ceremony of song and steam. Originating from the pre-Hispanic indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, the ceremony, held over multiple hours, invites you to set an intention then surrender to the darkness and the healing power of ancient wisdom.
Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose Massage


Take a step beyond relaxation with our selection of massage therapies designed for holistic restoration - restoration of energies, movement, balance and peace. Delivered by expert hands in the breezy tents of our waterside River Village, treat your body and spirit to a healing touch and an enchanting atmosphere.
Balance & Build at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose

Balance & Build

Kinkara Luxury Retreat is all about balance. While time is well spent relaxing, it's also well spent getting a sweat on. Take a dip in our creek. Book a massage. Enjoy the sunset as you journal in a hammock, or focus on fitness with a bike ride, run or TRX session. However you like to unwind, you'll find something that speaks to your well-being.