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  • Kinkara Santa Elena, San Jose Feast
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Locally Sourced Food

We take an exciting and healthy approach to our cuisine, experimenting with new flavors and  ingredients sourced from our land and local farmers. Working with natural, fresh ingredients our Chef  creates an international menu including Latin American, Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Fusion cuisine. From family-style feasting to tasting menus that pay homage to the world, you will savor our natural bounty in all its colorful, savory glory.
Food Grown on Our Land at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose

Supporting Local Farmers

Our kitchen is dedicated to locally sourced food from close by farms, artisans and producers. The result is a re-imagined, exquisite international cuisine crafted to delight the palates of our guests and celebrate the abundance of the land through an artistry and diversity present within every bite.
Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose Feel Good Eating

Feel Good Eating

As Kinkàra is a wellness destination our Chef  creates meals that are balanced and healthy, yet giving them a savory, rich taste. Combining pure ingredients and memorable flavors to create unique dishes, each meal is an example on how cooking healthy can be delicious and exciting, inspiring you even when you are back home in your kitchen. The food we serve up at Kinkara Luxury Retreat will make you feel nourished and full of energy throughout your stay with us. 
A Kitchen Created to Innovate at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose

A Kitchen Created to Innovate

With healthy and balanced cuisine at the heart of what we do, we like to keep our food as pure and organic as possible. Every day we prepare each meal from scratch, making sure everything is fresh and contains the highest quality of ingredients.
Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose Liquid Elixirs

Liquid Elixirs

Our experimentation in the kitchen doesn't stop at food. To accompany our high-end wholesome cuisine, we brew our kombucha in-house, fresh-press our juices and hand-pick our herbal teas. We also serve up signature cocktails, organic South American wines and local craft beers each evening at Casa Bulú.
Places to Feast at Kinkara Luxury Retreat Santa Elena, San Jose

Places to Feast

A relaxed indoor environment to come together over nourishing food and meaningful conversation, our welcoming Casa Bulú blends a playful living space and open area for mealtimes. Dine and unwind from dawn to dusk with a view of our open kitchen, hop over to our expansive dining and relaxation tent for lunches and dinners closer to nature, or enjoy a beverage taking in sunset from the peaceful swaying chairs on our back deck or fireside after dusk.